10 Wrong Methods Upcoming Artistes Promote Their Music

3 weeks ago

Music promotion is a very important aspect of music. The show biz industry is a very competitive industry that could easily crush brands who are taking the wrong steps in promotion and branding.

Over the years, we have seen how difficult up and coming artistes have made the game become. They take the wrong steps, miss out on opportunities, and ruin their chances of getting a sponsor all because of a single PR mistake. To ensure this doesn't happen again, we have compiled ten means of music promotion every serious-minded ap and coming artiste should avoid.

10 Wrong Methods Upcoming artistes promote their music


1. Spamming / Social Media Abuse 

One BIG mistake that many artists make is spamming people with music links. Blasting several WhatsApp groups even without permission begging people to listen to their songs is not only annoying but unprofessional. Sending unsolicited broadcast messages to their WhatsApp contacts is a weak way to get people's attention.

Mentioning or posting links on random people’s wall who doesn't know you, is the quickest way to get you blocked or ignored. It’s best for you to hold a short conversation with a person and ask them to check out your song or video. Asking their families and friends to reshare the songs to their own WhatsApp and to other groups, which in a way, is recruiting spammers on the simple messaging platform.

2. Dumping songs on websites with little or no audience

Another major wrong step in music PR is patronizing blogs with little or no traffic all because it is owned by your friends or relations. Your music career is a serious business and should be considered so. You most definitely need to work with renowned blogs and PR agents in order to get your song to attain its full height.

3. Exclusive promotion on social media 

It’s easy to forget that not everyone hangs around on these networks, and even if they do, they’re often tuned into only what their personal perceptual filters will allow; not something new. Promoting your songs via social media is advisable but total dependence on it is wrong. You need to extend your music to street and radio DJs as well to effectively promote your song.

4. Bad timing

Knowing when to make a move in the entertainment space is vital. Timing is a critical part of your marketing. It takes time for your marketing efforts to generate results and build a buzz. You need to know when to join the trend and when to attempt to set one.

5. Inability to take criticisms

Refusing to get reviews or comments from outsiders (audience) to know which of the songs made wave for them (get audience attention) and how to improve your style on that in the next song but what they're after is releasing songs on monthly basis or weekly basis without focusing on what the listeners want and be open for critic be it good or bad.

As an upcoming artiste you need to be open to comments so you can work on yourself that way. Wizkid and Davido still send their singles or projects to music critics and DJs to review before dishing it out. This is to ensure you don't miss it. We know how disappointing it could be to dish out a song and not get the reactions you expected, hence it's best to reach out to key men in the game to review your materials just before you splash the money on PR.

6. 'Do It Yourself' Doesn't Always Work 

Relying on self-promotion via social media is definitely a wrong approach to music promotion. If you just use Whatsapp for music PR, hire Whatsapp bloggers to assist you, the same goes for Twitter, Instagram, Triller, Tik Tok and other social media platforms. You just can't do it alone.

7. Hiring Inexperienced PR 

Not hiring the right people to handle your promotions can ruin your career. One of the worst problems you are likely to have as an artist is wanting to do it all on your own. From making the flyers to getting your name out there, you could be hiring people for a fraction of the time cost. Most upcoming artiste tends to allow sentiment come into their career allowing their friends, family or relatives to even be their managers, promoters which is a wrong step to take cause they feel that way they'll not pay and spend lesser

8. No Marketing Plan 

As the saying goes, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." You cannot just wing it when marketing your music and expect to see results. The Music Industry doesn't work like rocket science. You need to have a defined plan for your promotion and most importantly a budget for it even before going ahead to record the song.

9. Using Archaic methods

Some artistes still compile their songs into CD-plates (Compact discs), visit old friends, rich men in their community, just to get their songs listened to and maybe, just maybe hit a sponsorship or recording deal.

10. No video promotion

Video allows you to build a personal connection with your fans by giving them a glimpse into your world. Music videos are vital for music promotions. A song with a music video being aired on popular TV channels has a higher chance of blowing up than the ones without a video.

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