Top 10 Story series on Waploaded | September 2020 Edition

2 months ago

Stories is one of the most exciting section on Waploaded, they are collection of fiction and non-fictional tales, written by the best writers in the niche, categorized under Matured or Rated 18 stories, General stories, Stories in movie series etc.

We selected the following stories according to the curiosity rate of our readers, how often new episodes are added and amount of views. The September edition were chosen from trending stories and it contains a mix of rated +18 and general stories category.

Reading stories on Waploaded is easy, as you can use the next / previous buttons to navigate across the various episodes, and the breadcrumbs to get back to the root story, you can leave comments and share reactions too.

10 Trending Stories in September 2020

In the quest for survival, a 24year old graduate of business administration from OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University), who happened to be the eldest son of his family of four (mother, himself, brother and sister with the exception of his late father) struggled through school, searched around for jobs and success and later-on opted for crime as against his moral standard. 

Read Anini Reloaded: Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 32.

  • 9: My I.T Sexcapades: (Rated +18)

    As the title clearly stated, this story is about a male who went to an office for I.T (Industrial training), the Boss was a female, who usually gives him punishment by forcefully molesting him and taking him round several sex-capades.

Read My I.T Sexcapades:  Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 40.

His father was killed, His mother was brutally raped and murdered, His father’s assets were stolen from him. He became the target of a gang. He had to become a vagabond to survive. Now it’s time for T-T FOR TAT, the Equivalent retaliation for everything he had faced.

Read Tiit For Tat: Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 32.

Raguel a warrior Angel was banished to earth for a crime he was accused of, and he thought heaven’s punishment for him is not having a soulmate until Elena crossed his part Elena was thrown into the world of the supernatural where secret and her true identity is revealed

Read Banished Angel: Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 28.

Written by, Akhigbe Godsgift, Sex and the city has it’s season 1 just completed few days ago, it’s a mature story, captured around the eroticism in the city.

Read Sex And The City: Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 222.

A story written by Jake Sam, which has been running for 5 months now, under the general story category, is a purely fictional story, written around a girl like Amanda.

Read A Girl Like Amanda: currently at Season 3, each season contains up to 15 episodes.

Crazy Hannah is a family story series, centered around Hannah and the rest of her siblings.

Read Crazy Hannah Story: Currently at Season 1, with the latest episode on 30.

Alex finds himself around several beautiful women in a city in Nigeria, he pictures the kind of life he wishes to Live, in the midst of reality, he would stop at nothing to enjoy himself.

Read Pussymania Story now: Currently at season 2.

This is a story of a very young landlord, who was heir apparent till his parent died, On taking over the property, what he does to young lady is contained in the story, that fused pidgin in it.

Read Oga Landlord +18 Story: Currently at Season 1, Episode 137

The Legend of the dragon king is an adventurous story, infused with a little mystery and thriller. Educative and entertaining as it captures the feeling of your favourite movie.

Read The legend of the dragon king: Currently at Season 1, Episode 205

Let us know which story you are currently reading, which you will likely read and what story you may need to be updated.

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