Top 5 Songs on Burna Boy "Twice as Tall" album

1 month ago

Damini Ogulu professionally known as Burna Boy is well known for his thick sounding and sexy vocals with well thought lyrics. His fifth studio album, "Twice as Tall" stands to be one of the hottest albums in the world at the moment.

The album features amazing record producers like Diddy, Timbaland, Telz, Rexxie and others. Burna Boy issued out "Twice as Tall" following his Grammy award loss to Angelique Kidjo earlier this year. The singer couldn't help but admit he was greatly affected by his loss at the Grammys. Fela's afrobeat has grown, penetrating Asian, European and American markets.

Just like in 'African Giant", Burna's "Twice as Tall" has so changed the narrative for afrobeats. The album executively produced by Diddy has grown pass the criticism to stand out as one of the most talked albums in the global space.

For you to understand this album and what it stands to represent, you need to listen to Burna's interview on what inspired this album, get to understand his state of mind while working on this project and lastly pay attention the the lyrics.

Each of his project represent a mindset and tells a different story.

Here are 5 songs off Burna's "Twice as Tall' album that you should check out.

5. Real Life feat. Stormzy

Having worked with Stormzy in his collaborative joint with Ed Sheeran "Own It", Stormzy returns the favour as he jumps on Burna Boy's "Real Life". The vibe is groovy as slow paced. Burna's lyrical prowress is rare not neglecting the magic Stormzy did with the chorus. The song already has over 500,000 views on YoutUbe in less than a week.


"Comma" is a Lamba sound. Burna Boy must have linked up with Rexxie on this to ensure he drops something danceabe for the street and the comman man to dance to.

3. Monsters You Made Feat. Chris Martin

The third song getting a loud attention is "Monsters You Made" a single featuring Chris Martin with additional vocals from Fela Kuti and Ama Ata Aidoo. It is a coinscious song for the black and African community.

2. 23

With "23", Burna Boy dishes out a song for America's legendary basket ball player, Michael Jordan. His (Michael Jordan) famous "23" jersey is a significant number associated with the legendary status which got Burna Boy admitting that Music makes him feel legendary.

1.Way Too Big

This is inarguably the biggest single in his album. The melody, the sound and the lyrics is top notch. It sets in a confident mood and motivates you like never before. "Way Too Big" obviously stands out for me in this body of work.

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