Kizz Daniel “King of Love” Album Review

1 year ago

Kizz Daniel “King of Love” Album Review - Nigerian singer and songwriter, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe better known as Kizz Daniel acquires the throne of love with his third studio album dubbed ‘King of Love’.

The 17-track album was premiered on 25th June 2020 with production credits from DJ Coublon, Kriz Beatz , Young John and other talented producers. Kizz Daniel featured three previously released singles ‘Jaho’, ‘Fvck You’ and ‘Pak n Go’ in the solo performed album.

The first songJaho’  is a DJ Coublon produced song released as a single towards the ending of 2019. The songs official video has already garnered over 2.7 million views on YouTube. Kizz Daniel gives praise to God for sustainability and happiness. The song is just the right song to lead this album.

‘Ada’ a DJ Coublon and Young John co-produced beat is groovy, traditional and eccentric. Kizz Daniel kept it cool with another amazing story. ‘Ada’ is the perfect song for any typical African wedding.

Phil Keys and DJ Coublon link up on this one. Kizz Daniel declares he has given up on the fact that most of his guys are just after ‘Knacking’. Boys are Bad’ is more like an awareness to ladies who probably doesn’t know that most men are just after what’s in between their ties. Kizz Daniel was just able to pass the right message at the right rime with this sound.

You can’t claim to love an African girl without taking her out on numerous dates and spoiling her with gifts. Kizz Daniel just had to drag his love away from the house on a date with the Kriz Beatz produced mid-tempo vibe. ‘We Wan Comot’ will end up being the favourite song for the sexy ladies who just want to relax and be taking care of.  The groove is lit.

Aii’ starts off with a cool bass sound that sets you just in the right mood to make welcome the ever resounding beat from Kriz Beatz. Kizz Daniel keeps the lyrics straightforward as he expresses his deep affections to his ‘Flygirl’.

When love gets bitter a lot of hatred comes into play. For Kizz Daniel, he has so many on the queue to replace his lover. Toxic relationship shouldn’t be condoned according to Kizz Daniel and thus if she is not ready to keep up with you, she should Pak n Go’. The concept of this one is exceptional. Kizz Daniel indeed is the ‘King of Love’.

Need Somebody’ is another slow paced typical Kizz Daniel sound with those amazing hook lines to keep you addicted to your head phones. The Major Bangz and TY Mix co-produced beat is exiting.

Just when you were about to realize you’ve gone half way, Kizz Daniel steps it down with an acoustic performed song dubbed ‘Tempted to Steal’. Have you been caught up in love with someone who deserved everything you don’t have? Well Kizz Daniel puts that feeling in this one. Love is indeed a source of motivation. Just keep it clean.

Yeah! Let’s take up our dancing shoes to move to this high tempo sound from Kizz Daniel tagged ‘Chek’ produced by Selebobo.

First of all na me be this o..’ Kizz Daniel kicks off his vocals on this new one tagged ‘Yapa’. The alluring sound was produced by Oaise Beatz boosts Kizz Daniel’s confidence to brag just for a while.

Relationship comes with love, hatred, mood swings and what have you. Kizz Daniel could have been fed up. It is indeed painful to date a cheat talk more to condole their excesses over and again. Fvck You’  is Kizz Daniel giving up.

‘One Day’ is a funky sound from Kriz Beatz performed by Kizz Daniel. The Flyboy Inc boss reassures his woman he would love to keep up with their relationship. Show me a long lasting relationship and I will show a relationship built by people who are willing and ready to forgive.

If you are thirty and under pressure to settle down, then ‘Find a Bae’ is your story. Kizz Daniel is not only a singer but a story telling one who made sure his fans has a song or two to personalize in the ‘King of Love’ album.

Nothing hurts as having your lover cheat on you with your Padi’. The visuals of the song will stir up some buzz on social media when it finally comes through. Kizz Daniel cries out after neglecting his parent’s advice to follow his heart that ended up having a secret affair with his friend.

Chana’  by Kizz Daniel off the ‘King of Love’ album  is one of the delightful records in this piece of art. Kizz Daniel accords praise to this woman’s body in a mid-tempo groovy tune.

Here comes another funky sound from Kriz Beatz tagged Pipa’. Kizz Daniel shows off his diversity, approaching the sound like a reggae act. This is beautiful.

The Last trackHook’ is produced by four producers including his former record label mate, Sugar Boy. According to the singer, Kizz Daniel, this is cruise!




LYRICS – 5/5



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